Are We Paying for That Candidate Again?

Earlier this week we talked about the power of internal data. Something we wanted to go into further is the time and cost savings that can come from effectively utilizing your internal data. Building up an internal database of candidates takes hours upon hours of effort and a fairly healthy amount of dollars. Let’s look … Continued

The Power of Internal Data

Recruiting teams spend years compiling internal data to pull from when a requisition comes in. But when that data is locked in the black box of an ATS it often goes to waste. It’s time to change that. It’s time to utilize those hard-won candidates. We often hear, “We just don’t have the people we’re … Continued

How Much a Recruiter Can Do Versus How Much They Should

Recruiters and sourcers are some of the most passionate employees out there. They will move heaven and earth to get their candidates hired. Their dedication to their jobs is second to none. Unfortunately, this passion often translates to recruiting teams working exceptionally long hours and diminishing returns on quality of work, not to mention the … Continued

Managing Your Team’s Expectations of an ATS

We shared a post on the blog earlier this week talking about the expectations that we put on our ATS/CRM systems and how they affect the ROI of your tech stack. We also know that as a team leader you’re the one fielding these concerns about your ATS, so how do you tackle your team’s … Continued

Stop Waiting for Your Cat to Bark

We realize this title sounds absurd, but hear us out. The ATS is designed to do one thing: hold and track your applicants. As we mentioned in a past blog post: The problem arises when users want to extract and search that data. That’s just not what ATSs are built for. After endless hours of … Continued

Paving the Path to the Future of Work

Why we created Paths HiringSolved started because I was forced to do contingency recruiting. I was an unemployed engineer and my recruiter-friend talked me into it. I thought: “I’m an engineer, I’ll be recruiting other engineers” –it sounded like easy money! Boy was I wrong! We started out on contingency reqs to hire brilliant engineers … Continued

What If Recruiters Became Talent Advisors?

Recruiters are at the front lines of hiring. They see it all; the good, the bad, and the just plain unnecessary. They are getting handed requisitions from hiring managers with outlandish requirements that leave them struggling to fill a pipeline. Then the only feedback they’re hearing is, “I just want to talk to one more … Continued

Recruiters & Sourcers: Time to Value Up!

Earlier this week, a former colleague of mine reached out on Facebook and asked, “Hey, can you come and inspire my team on how to use this downtime? I have a great team and they just need a pep talk.” I was honored, of course, then terrified. All of my speeches have been about how … Continued